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I am asking for your help for dear friends of mine, The Sneesby family. Their daughter Phelicity was born with a congenital heart defect 13 years ago. Her defect was so complex, it brought them all the way from Australia to Columbus, Ohio where they sought treatment from a specialist. Her condition worsened and they returned to Ohio. Her mother, Veronica, has been off work for several months while Phelicity has remained in the cardiac intensive care unit. Her father, Ben, was forced to return home to Australia to continue to work so he can help provide for his family the best he can. Although our hopes were to get her well enough to return home and be with her family, unfortunately Phelicity is not able to travel commercially and a medical flight will cost about 150k. This family has exhausted all of their financial resources.
My hope for this campaign is to raise enough funds to get this sweet girl home to her family, and at a minimum raise enough so Ben can take off work again and return to Ohio with Phelicity's three sisters. So that however many days she has left, can be spent with her immediate family. These are some of the best people I've had the privilege of knowing and loving over the years. I am asking you to please help them in whatever way you can.

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